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LiveCamNetwork News

Sep 12 2018

HTTPS Security now enabled. LiveCamNetwork.com is now using HTTPS for your browsing safety.

July 25 2018

If you are using Google Chrome, you may have noticed that it is reporting that LiveCamNetwork may not be secure. This is because certain parts of our site is still using HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Please know that both the payment processing systems when you enter your credit card information, AND the video chat systems are both already using HTTPS, and that the rest of the site will follow suit in the next little while. Thanks for your patience!

July 22 2018

Hi Everyone, Just a few quick updates!

We're busy experimenting with new, cleaner designs for LiveCamNetwork.com as you can see. We're also putting finishing touches on an all-new version of our software that will bring lots of cool new features such as Faster, clearer, lagless video, large 2-way and multi-way video, user nicknames, Social Network integration, lower prices for you and higher payouts for models!

We appreciate you sticking around for so long and we hope you like the new improvements coming your way this summer.

Mark, Tracy/Jen, Ye, Jaime, Reeta & Sue!