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Michelle Love

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Age: 27
Language: English
From: Canada.

Michelle is a pretty, petite, workaholic of a young woman who is always on the go, set on achieving and having it all. She is a successful student, a customer representative for an established dating website, a marketer for a sales company, and holds a CSR position as a sub-contractor. With a very business-oriented perspective on life, one may think Michelle is all work and no play. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

When Michele comes home from one of her many day jobs or school, she unwinds by kicking off her heels and putting another pair on for the camera. She spends her evening moonlighting as a cam girl form her own home, with an interest in further exploring the adult industry through amateur videos. “I believe variety is the spice of life and I get bored easily unless I am doing something fun and exciting!”

However, Michelle's reasons for delving into a secret life of debauchery go beyond simply getting naked on camera and getting payed. “It is about building relationships with the people who follow you and spend time with you while you are online. There is never a time where I am on cam that someone isn't making me laugh or brightening my day in some way and I really hope I am doing the same for them”.

It is obvious that Michelle enjoys her life on and off-camera. Though she keeps her on-webcam exploits relatively quiet, she has let a few of her friends in on the secret, most of which have been fascinated with Michelle's webcam adventures. “Most of them are very interested in what I do, and see how much I light up when I talk about how much fun I have online.”