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About Norah Rose

My name is Norah! <3 I'm an alternative, tattooed, nerd girl.

Sometimes I rant about silly nerd things like anime, films, comics, or video games. I do cosplay on occasion and I love role-play. I love meeting new people and I look forward to chatting with you (And hopefully a little more)! I have some special skills like, contortion, burlesque, and some other stuff, just ask.

A little information about free chat. Tips for tits is totally okay and on occasion...I have wardrobe malfunctions where you might catch nipslips or panty shots. Other than that, you need to go to private to see more.

I do like to dance...

But sometimes it can be exhausting to dance all the time, so I love using free chat as a chance to get to know you guys and have fun. I play and dance to song requests. I do a bit of weird bendy stuff sometimes! You'd surprised just what I can do.

Feel free to ask me about my kinks or interests in free chat and I love finding out about yours.

I'm also super fun in private. I have toys and outfits and kinks, if even if you just want to talk, I've always got an open ear and mind.

Top Tipper Competition I'm working on my art skills so for the top tipper each week, I'll draw you a picture with your name and hold it up, posting it in my own Top tipper thread! ^.^

Let's talk about Norah Rose!

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