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Hi I', Clara.

I知 a young brunette with long hair and big, brown eyes, which are sometimes accessorized with my glasses. I知 bilingual French and English, and I also speak some Italian, German and Creole. I知 currently an erotic model and have always wanted to try cams. This is all new for me, but I love roleplay, exhibition and chatting with people, so I think it値l come pretty naturally and we値l be able to have a really good time together.

Some of things that are most important to me:

Going to the gym - I致e got a pretty intense and stable workout routine involving resistance training. Got to get those endorphins going.

Gaming - I知 into RPGs/MMORPGs. Some of my favourite games are Harvest Moon, Zelda and Bayonetta.

Food - I love food. The Food Network is my favourite channel! I知 an excellent baker and I知 getting better at cooking. Give me all the sushi!

Sex - My sexuality is really important to me. I知 pansexual and I love exploring new kink. I make beautiful porn and want to add that energy in my cam shows.

Art - Drawing, painting and sculpting are really important to me. I taught myself how to use photoshop and how to draw using a tablet. Oh, and I sing too. That counts, right?

Travel - I致e been to lots of great places, but I want to go to more. I致e been to China, Sweden, France, La R騏nion (technically related to France, but very different), Italy, various places in the United States (Florida, Hawaii, New York, Vermont), Barbados, Mexico, Cuba and a number of places in Canada. I want to go to Thailand, South Korea, more parts of the United States, India, Madagascar, Fiji, Spain, French Polynesia, Brazil, Peru, Australia and especially Japan.

Quickly, a few more favourites:

Music: Lounge music/electronic/house/trip-hop, Owl City, John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Die Antwoord and Bastille.

Movies: Iron Man, Wall-E and The Avengers

TV: Adventure Time, Big Bang Theory and Stargate

Books: La Synergologie, Fruit Basket and Oral Sex He値l Never Forget

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