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Age: 27
Language: English
From: USA.
I am a full time geek, current student and cam girl by night (and some afternoons) really depends on life. ;)

I think of this place as a really fun hobby rather than a job. Although a girls gotta eat.

I love meeting and talking to new people. I am pretty easy to get along with and often am more than happy to share my life with all y'all. I am able to carry on a conversation in most topics and if not, I will ask a TON of questions. I like learning new things when I can.

My real time personal hobbies include MTG and,most blizzard games, which I will be more than happy to talk about with y'all.

When I am not doin those things eating or sleeping I like to spend my time gettin naked on the internet ;)

My biggest turn on is shows in group setting I dont know what it is about knowing a group of people are watching but it works for me. Also knowing you are turned on will turn me on. My biggest thing is making other people happy. I tend to be naturally submissive I LOVE taking orders and being told EXACTLY how to please you. I have a lot of fun with role-play scenarios that let me be submissive and you telling me what a naughty,bad girl that I am. Let your imagination take over and lets play.

I also like getting to know people on a one to one level. Easy when I am not trying to carry on 5 conversations at once. I enjoy guys who are easy goin, easiest way to stop the fun is being rude or overly demanding, so lets all play nice together!